The Gorge of Hell Valley: “Höllentalklamm”

You all know Mount Zugspitze, do you? But have you heard about the beautiful gorges of Bavaria in the southern part of Germany? The gorge of Hell Valley is one of them.

Living near Munich has a great advantage: I can visit all of them!
But for all of you who haven’t had the chance to go hiking in the alps, here is what I found during my trip in July 2016:

Cool waters, dark caves, lively waterfalls and deep, deep gorges!



Advantages of spending a summer day in the gorge:


  • Hot days can’t bother you anymore. The rocky walls surrounding a gorge are providing excellent protection against the sun. The cool water flowing and splashing all around you adds to it.
  • It’s really a sight! Walking through a gorge makes you feel small and admire the beauty of nature!
  • Your hiking partner gets wet. This might be kind of nice…


Disadvantages of spending a summer day in the gorge:


  • You definitely get wet. So you should prepare for it, if you get cold easily.
  • You have to pay an entrance fee.
  • There are usually a lot of people and the ways are narrow. Stopping to take a photo can yield stress. Hold on to the fence and attach your camera and mobile phones tightly. Don’t put yourself or your property in danger!


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Have you ever been to Höllentalklamm?
Or to another gorge in Germany?
Tell me about it in your comment below!



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