Heiterwanger See: Melting the Ice

Heiterwanger See is a beautiful mountain lake in Tyrol, Austria. I’ve been there twice, in spring 2017 and in winter 2018. This blog article shows the photos taken in spring, when the ice melt in the sun and spring was in the air.



Heiterwanger See

There was a special atmosphere around this lake: At the beginning of the trip, everything was blue. In the middle, other colors emerged and the pictures became more colorful. And in the end, the sun light bathed everything in yellow.

And the ice in the water crunched and murmured. It told me about former winter days and future summer days. About melting and returning again.


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Have you ever listened to the ice?
Or have you been to Heiterwanger See as well?
Share your thoughts and experiences below!



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