Above the Kuhflucht Waterfalls

The Kuhflucht Wasserfälle is a series of waterfalls in the river Kuhfluchtgraben near Farchant. With 3 major drops, they have an impressive height of 270 meters (886 ft). Therefore, they are one of the highest waterfalls in Germany.

But I didn’t only go to the waterfalls, I went even further!



Above the Kuhflucht Waterfalls

Up on the mountains I had a great view over the valley. Sitting on a rock, I watched the sun go down for some time. Though eventually, I decided to better climb down before it gets too dark to see the narrow path and its tripping hazards – roots everywhere…


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About the name “Kuhflucht”

The name, “Kuhflucht”, can probably be traced to the Roman word confluctum. It’s possible that it was called “Kuhflucht” because of the stream’s  confluence with the Loisach river.

Other historic sources assume that the name, “Kuhflucht“, was derived from “Kuhflack“.
In  summer, cows found a comfortable spot to rest in the shade of the trees, where they then proceeded to “flack“, which is Bavarian for “lie down“. So this would be the funny explanation! 😀


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