Rouge Sophisticates: Polka Dots and Petticoats


Red, black and white again. This time cute and innocent! And polka dots, definitely polka dots!

Those were my first thoughts when I planned my new project. Cuteness overload for those who like it girly. A tribute to the good old days back in the 1950s with a lot of vintage feeling and innocent happiness!


Polka Dots and a Red Ribbon

So I made my model wear a red skirt with polka dots, a red ribbon in the hair, a white blouse and a black camisole. Since I wanted to add to the positive mood with the right location, I chose a canola field and a forest.



Mary Poppins in the Canola Fields

One of the images shows my model jumping in a canola field. This scene was inspired by “Mary Poppins”, a magical woman in the Disney film of the same name which was produced by Robert Stevenson in 1964.

Because the Banks children worry that his father might choose a very strict and unfriendly nanny, they place their own advertisement. Suddenly, a storm comes up and blows all the unpromising candidates away. Then Mary Poppins descends down from the clouds by using a black umbrella!

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Nevertheless, my personal Mary Poppins does wear a more colorful outfit. Besides, she looks less strict than the original character in the movie. So maybe she is rather a mixture of Mary Poppins and Minnie Mouse!

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So do you like this polka dots shooting?
Do you know Mary Poppins and the original Minnie Mouse?

Share your thoughts below!



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