Schwansee, Alpsee and a Snake

You know Neuschwanstein Castle, don’t you? Everybody who travels to Germany will probably visit this famous Bavarian castle. If you haven’t been there, you will still know it –
I mean, it even served as the inspiration for Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle!

But… do you know Schwansee and Alpsee?




Alpsee is most likely to be seen when visiting Neuschwanstein. Instead of turning left towards the castle, you just go straight and you will soon get there. In warmer seasons,  you can hire a boat or go for a swim. I hired a paddleboat in spring. It was quite relaxing! On the calmer side of the lake, I met an ermine, already wearing its brown summer dress. The ermine was cute and fluffy, but really quick!



Schwansee is a small lake located at the other side of the mountain. When you stand in front of Alpsee, Schwansee is at the right. If you plan walking there, just take the road away from Neuschwanstein parking lot for buses and turn left as soon as possible. Schwansee can be seen on the image with the green twig.

I was lucky to encounter a ring snake for the first time in my life. This was definitely the day’s highlight: Getting close to such a wonderful creature made me really happy!


black and white lake, black and white tree, königssee, bavaria, germany


Have you been to Neuschwanstein?
And did you take a walk around Alpsee or Schwansee?
Or have you also seen snakes or ermines? Tell me about it!




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