Lake Walchen: Blue is for Rainy Days

It’s weekend and of course, it’s raining cats and dogs. Bored and frustrated, you stare out of the window. You’ve already watched three movies, your friends don’t want to leave the house neither – everything sucks… So what could you possible do on a rainy day like this?



What you should do on a rainy day

Do you wonder what you could do when it’s pouring with rain?
I have the perfect solution for you:

Go for a walk!

This sounds crazy but do it anyway. I’m serious: Dress yourself properly and go outside.
Learn a lesson from Gene Kelly:

© Gene Kelly – Singing in the Rain: He is not afraid of getting wet!


If there is a lake near your place, go there. Walking at a lakeshore is especially pretty when it rains! Of course, you’ll get wet. But it’s worth it:

The clouds are amazing. The raindrops falling onto the lake’s surface are just wonderful. Everything is blue. And everything is silent – because most people only come out when the sun shines. So everything is blue just for you!

BLUES …no… BLUE is for rainy days!!!


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PS: If you plan to take photos, make sure that your camera (or mobile phone) stays dry. Electrical Devices don’t like water at all!


So did you go outside on a rainy day? What did you discover?
I’d love to see some photos, if you took some! Feel free to show your best pictures in a comment. But please don’t overdo it!



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