Welcome to Oblivion: The War We Already Fought


Are you eager to know why this long-haired metalhead is all dirty, hand-cuffed and blindfolded? This is no filthy fantasy. Instead, it’s about filthy war methods!



About “Welcome to Oblivion”

“Welcome to Oblivion” shows the dark side of war. The side no one tells you about in war propaganda. It’s about a prisoner, bound up and prepared for execution. And this prisoner could be any of us.

Actually, this photoshoot is something like a memorial, a “think-first”:

Think first, before you chivvy or even persecute those who are different.
Think first, before you support people that spread hate.
Think first, before you make the same mistakes that were already made a thousand times in the history of humanity.

Instead, do everything in your might to maintain peace on earth. Because one thing is certain – and we all know it from experience: WAR MEANS DEATH


Welcome to Oblivion?

We already had two global wars. It’s unlikely humanity will survive World War III.
Yet, some of us do everything in our might to get to this point.

Have we forgotten everything that was?
Is it really necessary to believe again that “we are first and stand above all the others“?

If this is really the case: Welcome to Oblivion, people out there!
Maybe the world is better without us…

(Not referring to a specific country, by the way. There are a lot of strange things going on all around the world – which doesn’t make it any better, just because it’s the latest trend!)


About the Location

In this shooting, I recalled Germany’s own history by using ruins of one of Hitler’s “Germanic thing sites”.  A “thing”, also known as “Alþing”, was originally the governing assembly of a northern Germanic society, made up of the free people of the community presided over by lawspeakers. At the “thing”, disputes were solved and political decisions were made. So you could say it was some sort of early democracy.

It’s interesting to know that Hitler’s so-called “thing sites” didn’t even look like the Germanic archetype. In fact, the only thing they had in common was the name!

Originally, a “thing” was held on hills, near rocks or big trees. However, Hitler’s “thing site” was inspired by Greek amphitheaters. So instead of providing a meeting place for democracy matters, it was built to impress and to remind the German people of their looong imaginary heritage. It was a place to hold ceremonies. But there wasn’t much time to celebrate during World War II…


Mehmet Murat İldan


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