Mountain Sunset in the Mieming Range

Have you ever been hiking in the alps? Did you get the chance to stay until dusk and watch a mountain sunset?


Up and Down the Mountains

A wonderful scenery, clear mountain lakes and an amazing view – this is the reward for walking up the mountains. But the most wonderful reward for all the hard work is when you get the chance to watch the sun go down!

(Though this means you have to walk down as well which causes more blisters than going up, of course… But it’s definitely worth the pain!)


Mountain Sunsets are for Romanticists

This is probably one of the most beautiful hiking tours I ever did. We started in Ehrwald and went up to the lakes Seebensee and Drachensee. Next to Drachensee, we ate the typical food in German and Austrian alpine huts, a cut-up pancake with raisins called “Kaiserschmarrn”. Then we headed back. Soon we realized that we couldn’t catch the last cable car anyway. So we decided to watch the last light of the day fading away. It was so beautiful I could barely breathe!


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So did you ever have the chance to watch a mountain sunset?
In the alps or somewhere else? Have you tried “Kaiserschmarrn”?
Tell me your story below!



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