I’d like to thank everyone of my watchers
and fans for their continuing support.
You keep me going!



You are always incredibly clever to spot and to show Beauty
even in small details and in everyday life!!
2018-04-08 / GioArturi from Italy


Your art is a precious gemstone!
2018-03-07 / BillyNikoll from Greece


I just visited your website and I wanted to say that I find your way of portraying people very appealing. You succeed in catching and conveying emotions and moods very well.
2018-02-08 / Seb_84 from Germany


“Landscape 2”, painted by Max (MonoFlax) from Germany
rests upon “Winter Blues” by SCHWARZ WIE EBENHOLZ


Thank you for submitting your beautiful work so frequently, I love all of your pictures!
I hope that one day I’ll be half as talented as you!
2018-02-01 / beefcupcakes from the USA


The world shown in your pictures was so beautiful as if it was heaven.
Thank you for your nice works. I faved over 100 pieces!
I’m looking forward to seeing your new works too!

2018-01-22 / sm238 from Japan


Anata no sakuhin wa subarashii desu.
Kongo mo kitai shiteimasu. 
(Your work is wonderful. I’m looking forward to seeing more.)
2018-01-14 / kinos-t from Japan


OH MY METAL GOD! NOW I GAVE YOUR ART A CLOSER LOOK UND ICH SEHE WIE WUNDERBAR IST DAS. *-* SO STUNNING! I obviously loved the most metal-related photos but the whole rest is so incredible too!! You gained one more fan.
2017-11-05 / Jaizz from Poland


Again and again, you have the eye for the right layout
… the right colors … at the right time.
2017-11-01 /Icaros-must-die from Germany


Its nice to have found a gallery with so much eye candy!
Your gallery is fantastic! I want to fave it all!
2017-10-22 / Alph from Sweden


You have a breathtaking gallery. I almost lost myself in it.
2017-09-11 / Icaros-must-die from Germany


“The River“, painted by Misael García Rubio de Ycaza from Mexico
rests upon “Breaking Records” by SCHWARZ WIE EBENHOLZ


You have a wonderful set of pieces! The angles, the emotion
and the elegance is stunning!

2017-07-26 / ClockworkTarantula0 from ?


I love the vibrancy of your work. You are very good at composing each piece.
2017-04-16 / Satteo from the USA


Fabulous, so nice and adorable composition!
You are always a magnificent and fine artist!

2017-04-06 / GioArturi from Italy


You’re a wonderful photographer and deserve every fave in the world.
I can see just by looking at one photograph
that you are very talented at what you do <3

2017-03-02 / otokyo from the USA


The photos are really inspiring and pretty
2017-01-11 / RiyaBorah from India


Your photographs look like they come from some fantasy universe.
Every picture takes me to new places.
2016-11-16 / xcscientist from ?


I find your photography absolutely fantastic,
so keep up the great work!
2016-10-11 / Im-P-ulse from Saudi-Arabia


Yeah! Keep doing what you’re doing!
2016-09-16 / deadmoro from the USA


Have been browsing through hundreds of photos,
but your images always stop me in my tracks.
You have a very special way of capturing nature,
I like it very much.
2016-08-08 / MatsHolmberg from Sweden


Your art brings me so much joy and contemplation – thank you.
2016-07-03 / Atomic58 from the USA


Hey your photos are inspiration to me! Keep up the work,
someday maybe my photos will be good like yours.
 2016-05-12 / SealOfTheParty from Brazil


I must thank you and your terrific skills for making such terrific art. Seriously.
2016-05-02 / RunningforTime from the USA


Your photographs are very bright, beautiful and colourful. Your work is very beautiful with excellent use of light and colour. I love the sunlight that comes through in your photos. Your pictures are also very beautiful and vivid with amazing details which is very cool and interesting.
2016-03-28 / smunk1 from the USA


“Tales We Tell” , painted by Laura Jackson from the USA (ltuininga)
rests upon “Flowers in the Garden” by SCHWARZ WIE EBENHOLZ


I’m sure you must get this a lot, but your gallery is so beautifully developed and intriguing, it’s a real showcase of your talent!
2016-03-03 / GreenStar5 from England


You have a very strong photography style. I’m your fan!
2016-02-29 / Yce9Phire from Germany


There are words in all of your images, sometimes whole stories!
2015-12-30 / solosombra from Germany


Just seeing your art helped me relax the other day – keep on going!
2015-11-07 / ryanpfreeman1 from the USA


Your photos are amazing – You are so talented.
2015-10-18 / Capturethat44 from Australia


Keep being amazing, you have a great future ahead, congratulations. I love your art!
2015-10-17 / Djmusicandcartoons from Columbia


Tes photos sont naturelles et charmantes, j’aime beaucoup.
(Your photos are natural and charming, I like them a lot.)
2015-08-12 / lilivia91 from France


It’s a pleasure to visit your gallery and see what else you have! Is pretty amazing!
I really wanna see more by you soon because I feel you have a great talent and
you show it in each one of your pieces.
2015-07-05 / Bioteknos from Mexico


Hallo Melly, I have been browsing your gallery… I never get bored of looking at photos of nature. BUT, you manage, not only to take interesting pictures, but you make them so alive, so lively, other times so mysterious. Your photography takes me somewhere else, they make me feel like I am there. Your photographs are always so ’simple‘, you are never mixed up about the subject you are capturing, yet there is so much detail to look at in each of your pictures. Danke very much for your work, please continue! I am in love with it! Much love from Canada, Marc
2015-02-19 / godspeedseven from Canada


“Color Environment 2”, painted by Max (MonoFlax) from Germany
rests upon “Rock’n’Roll” by SCHWARZ WIE EBENHOLZ


I like a lot your ideas about photography, and I found your gallery really beautiful and interesting, mostly because it seems very “personal”.
2015-02-17 / OcioProduction from Italy


I like your poetic even mystical world…it’s an unique gallery!!
2014-11-30 / czmartin from Czech Republic


You take such beautiful photographs.
Your gallery is a joy to behold.
2014-08-16 / PhilS1761 from the USA


Your photos are gorgeous, incredibly wonderful and inspiring!
I love your photography.
2014-08-13 / CheztheDemon from ?


Wow! Your photography is amazing!
Loved your gallery very much!
2014-07-07 / pin100 from Russia


Your work is fabulous, most inspirational
and a pleasure to embrace and enjoy.
2014-04-03 / planetzog from South Africa


Nature and portrait photography — you have great skills in both areas.
I love your work!
2014-03-17 / nine9nine9 from the USA


You are soooo wonderful, I love sooo much your beautiful art!!!!
2014-02-21 / aihanatsuki from Mexico


Din galleri er helt fantastisk! Vidunderlig artwork!
(Your gallery is really fantastic! Wonderful artwork!)
2013-10-20 / hekla01 from Norway


Your gallery is an amazing mother lode of the most
stunning photographies – wonderful!
2013-09-12 / alexine-pankhurst from Switzerland


I love when a photographer can take something mundane and transform it
into something that seems otherworldly. It speaks volumes about the artist
and their passion for what they do.
2013-06-21 / Shazmotaz from the USA


Some of ur pictures r so…  dunno. lets the viewer dream, kind of…
2013-06-12 / originelSin from Spain



Black Forest“, painted by Misael García Rubio de Ycaza from Mexico (MisaelRubio), rests upon “Night is the New Day” by SCHWARZ WIE EBENHOLZ


A really extraordinary gallery with beautiful pictures
– each one more beautiful than 
the last.
Congrats, this definitely will become something special!
2013-06-09 / andersvolker from Germany


Hallo! I just found you in a group and I have to tell you that you take really amazing photos, landscape as well as portrait are really great!
2013-05-26 / fotogaphikus from Austria


J’aime bien ta façon d’utiliser ton appareil photo.
(I like the way you use your camera very much.)
2013-05-01 / Markotxe from France


You make this world a little better!
2013-04-18 / Sugaree33 from the USA


Amazing stuff!!!  I can’t blink!
2013-04-07 / cuteUdie from Norway


I love your creativity and also how you photograph in a lot of different areas such as portraits, nature, etc. That is something I would like to do.
2012-10-21 / kamau123 from the USA


I love your portraits of people, you really capture emotions
and body language really well.
2012-08-27 / KatieCorrine from the USA


Your gallery is such a beautiful world!
2012-07-07 / Stefymoondust from Macedonia


Vos photos m’ont offert beaucoup d’émotions!
(Your photos gave me a lot of emotions!)
2012-05-20 / GNovaDraw from France


I am amazed by how you work with color. I think you have strong artistic training,
or maybe you are pleinair painter at spare time. It is so hard to find someone who handles at least satisfactorily with green color. But your approach is absolutely mind-blowing! I know it is hard to work with the color of photographs, and I see that you are true master. I like your photos very much, thank you!!!
2012-02-02 / MrMamurk from Kazakhstan


Amazing works in your gallery!
2011-11-20 / puken from Indonesia


It’s been a while since I look at your work and it’s really amazing I just saw your work and I think it’s really a nice work, the frames are very well controlled and done with great talent, the colors are really beautiful, I also find that you feel much beauty and emotion in your work. This is very impressive and it makes you unique. People like you are rare and deserve more page views and I congratulate you, you deserve to go far into photography because you have a real talent, it touches me deeply, I’ll watch your gallery again with great joy and pleasure! What you create is very interesting, informative and beautiful, it’s going to help me a lot in my work to see people like you with so much talent! Continue to dream of anyone!
2011-09-21 / wikss from Switzerland


Wow! Simply great! Your photos are absolutely stunning!
And every image I’ve seen so far has an unique atmosphere!
2011-06-13 / CyberMiez from Germany


All of your pictures have that certain something!
2011-06-06 / DasGhul from Germany