Behind the Scenes: Watch the funniest Outtakes!


Have you often wondered what it is like to be a model?
Or are you thinking of asking me for a photo shooting but you are still unsure if you should ask or not? Get the picture by watching these photos from behind the scenes!

But before you klick on the images below, I’d like to give you further information about the possible side-effects such a photo shooting can have on your behavior.
Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


Possible Risks & Side-Effects of a Photo Shooting

Though it’s unlikely to be covered in bees or cockroaches like in some TV shows you know, there are moments where you may feel hot or cold or find yourself in awkward positions. In some cases, a photo model has to endure this unpleasantness for three to five hours. For example: being half-naked in a cellar without a heater in winter, being grilled in a railway carriage without air conditioning in the middle of summer or bathing in a freezing cold waterfall. It’s usually no bed of roses – but it’s definitely worth it!

Counter Measures:

I usually inform my models about what they can do to make their lives easier during the shooting. So most of them are well-prepared for their special day. Rather than freezing to death, they enjoy a cup of warm tea and wrap themselves in blankets from time to time. Or I sprinkle them with cool water by using a spray bottle. There’s always a way to make things better!


Positive Effects proved by Photos Behind the Scenes!

Still you don’t have to be afraid: A photo shooting is not only work – it’s also a lot of fun!
It makes you laugh and dance and pull funny faces. And you’ll always have something to remember.




I hope you enjoyed the outtakes
and pictures from behind the scenes!
Which is your favorite? Write a comment below!


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