Palatinate Forest: Foggy Forest, Snowy Trees

When I visited a friend of mine in southwestern Germany, we went her dog for a walk. Near Wachenheim an der Weinstraße, we entered the Palatinate Forest, or Pfälzer Wald. The snow covering the trees and the wafts of mist creeping through the forest created a very special atmosphere.


About the Palatinate Forest

The Palatinate Forest is a nature park covering 1,771 km(684 square miles). Together with the northern part of the adjacent Vosges Mountains in France it forms the UNESCO-designated Palatinate Forest-North Vosges Biosphere Reserve, one of the biggest forests in Europe. The name Pfälzerwald was first used in 1843. Back then, the forest was part of the Kingdom of Bavaria. After World War II, the federal state Rheinland-Pfalz was formed. Despite time and distance, it happened to me that one woman remembered the historic bond between Bavaria and Rheinland-Pfalz.


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