The Colors of Magic: A Very Colorful Shooting


When I went for a walk in Munich, I discovered this amazing passage underground full of colors and light. Luckily, I had my camera with me – and I couldn’t stop taking photos.
Right in this moment, I simply knew that I had come back with a model and use it as photo location for a colorful shooting!



About Makeup & Styling

As a contrast to all those colors, I wanted my model to wear dark clothes and accessories. We found the perfect hat for this photo shooting: One that was black, but showed also the prevailing colors of the location. She already had beautiful braids, I just had to paint some of them pink to complete the outfit. It was me who did make-up and styling, down there in the underground. It was also me pushing light and reflectors around. And of course, it was me who handled the camera as well. So it was a full-time job (as usual). But we managed to bring color into the black and light into the dark!

By the way: I didn’t change the colors of her eyes. They really differ from each other!

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About the title “The Colors of Magic”

The title refers to Terry Pratchett’s “The Colour of Magic”, though the so-called “colour of magic” in the book is “Octarine”, a sort of greenish purple color. In this shooting, there are more magical colors than just one because colors are a really magical thing, don’t you agree? They make the day!

In loving memory of my favorite fantasy author who died the same year I did this shooting. You made the world more colorful!

© The Mob – Pratchett’s novel was also made into a movie for TV. It’s nice to watch but not as good as reading the book.



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