Cucumber Lemonade: Fictional Advertising

Did you know that I used to work in commercial photography for two years?
This time-consuming activity prevented me from caring about private art projects.
So I can confirm that too much work does indeed kill all creativity!

But I wasn’t completely inactive: I had to realize shootings that could be used in advertising, for example these two about lemonade.



Briefing for the Advertisement

Two shootings on two different locations outside. In each shooting, there have to be two models enjoying lemonade. That’s the story about the background. Not very artistic but well… commercial!


Rising to the Lemonade Challenge

I looked for an appealing bottle and found this lemonade with quite interesting ingredients: cucumber! The shootings took place in June 2017.

For the photo shooting at the edge of the forest, I organized a love couple for a nice picnic with hearty snacks. They were given the instruction to do a lot of lovey-dovey stuff like drinking out of one bottle and kissing her on the cheek while she drinks.


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Following my other idea, two pretty girls agreed to have their pamper day at the lake, chatting about each and everything, having a cucumber face pack and enjoying cucumber lemonade, of course.

I had to bring a lot of requisites along: chairs and a table, food, drink and tableware, a picnic blanket and basket; and discuss the fitting clothes. But we had much fun – especially when one of the models forgot to leave the lemonade in the bottle and squished up her face! Cucumber lemonade needs getting used to. Particularly when it gets warm…

PS: Trade mark removed as a security measure. And if you should find it nonetheless:
I tried some other flavors. Rhubarb lemonade is delicious!


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Have you ever tried something funny as cucumber lemonade?
Send me your tips what is delicious and what isn’t. Share some pictures.
Comment below, I’m curious!



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