No Limits: The Bike Challenge


Did you know that I used to work in commercial photography for two years?
This time-consuming activity prevented me from caring about private art projects.
So I can confirm that too much work does indeed kill all creativity!

But I wasn’t completely inactive: I had to realize shootings that could be used in advertising, for example this one about a sportsman and his mountain bike.



Briefing for the Advertisement

Photos in action and portraits of the cyclist together with his bike.
That’s the story about the background. Not very artistic but well, commercial!


Rising to the Bike Challenge

It took us two days in June 2017 to complete the mission because of the heat lasting till dusk. My model had to drive around a lot because I could barely see what I shot. It was realized by panning the camera and because it was such a bright and sunny season, I had to use an extreme ND filter which was really dark! It was funny though. And we went for a swim afterwards in the Lake of Starnberg to cool down. This mountain bike shooting was definitely an interesting experience!


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So what would you buy: The bike or the clothing?
Which is your favorite image?
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