Lake Starnberg – Photo Collection

Lake Starnberg, or Starnberger See, is the fifth largest lake of Germany and a popular recreation area, not only for the people living near Lake Starnberg, but also for the citizens of Munich. There are always a lot of people there. In summer, you can go swimming or do some water sports. And if it’s too cold for a swim, you can go for a walk or feed the birds.



Lake Starnberg – Perfect Place for a Walk

As Lake Starnberg is not too far away from my home, I go there frequently. It’s perfect when there is no time for a long hiking adventure, but you still want to enjoy the sun and get some fresh air. The photos shown above were taken in February 2016, March 2017, September 2017 and January 2018. I’ve been there in summer, as well. But I usually don’t take the camera with me, when I plan to go into the water.


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