Mount Brauneck in Autumn

Brauneck is a popular area for hiking tours, not only for trained hikers, but also for families or elderly people. You can use the cable car to get to the top, walk around as much as you like, and when you are tired and hungry, you can sit down in one of those many alpine huts and relax.


Mount Brauneck in Autumn

I went there on a pure morning in autumn. Most visitors arrive later, at lunch time or in the afternoon.  So it wasn’t too crowdy yet. And when they arrived, I was done with hiking and sat down, ate some “Kaiserschmarrn” and drank some “Hollerschorle”!


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Have you been on top of Mount Brauneck?
Do you know “Kaiserschmarrn” and “Hollerschorle”?
Leave me a comment below!



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